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Rootz Nature

From rugged boulders to realistic log features and rustic treehouse-style components, our nature-inspired Rootz components bring a woodsy look and feel to your playground. It's the best of both worlds... nature and nurture!

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Bug Climb
placeholder image
Canyon Crossing
Daisy Path
Fence with Moose Silhouette
Leaf Climb
Log Climb
Owl Topper
Rootz Double Climb
Rootz Hip Roof
Rootz Valley Bridge with Evergreen
Rootz Wave Bridge
placeholder image
Rootz Enclosed Stair
Rootz Hex Hip Roof
Rootz Ridge Roof
Squirrel Topper
Sunflower Climb
Turtle Climb
Vine Climb
Evergreen Topper
placeholder image
placeholder image
Fence with Elk Silhouette
placeholder image
Fence with Owl Silhouette
Nature Climb
Nunatak - Bear
Nunatak - Moose
placeholder image
Pebble Link with Rootz Fence
Rootz Arch Bridge with Evergreens
Treehouse Window