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From elaborate themed playgrounds to play structures for schools, inclusive playground designs, community parks, day care centres and more, Blue Imp brings you playground solutions designed to engage and entertain diverse ages, stages and abilities.

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Valley Bridge
Treehouse Window
Rootz Arch Bridge with Evergreens
placeholder image
Pebble Link with Rootz Fence
Nature Climb
iMPact Wave Bridge
iMPact Piggyback Bridge
iMPact Arch Bridge
placeholder image
Fence with Owl Silhouette
placeholder image
Fence with Elk Silhouette
placeholder image
placeholder image
Parallel Bars
Curved Kiddie Bench with Farmer's Market
Pelican Topper
Palm Tree Topper
Swirl Topper
Owl Topper
Squirrel Topper
Evergreen Topper
Butterfly Topper
Rootz Slant Roof
Rootz Ridge Roof
Rootz Hex Hip Roof
Rootz Treehouse Roof
Scalloped Roof
Slant Roof
placeholder image
Arch Roof
Peak Roof
placeholder image
Floating Roof - Tri
Floating Roof - Square
Maple Leaf Roof
Spectrum Roof
Sunburst Roof
Hex Roof
placeholder image
Pagoda Roof
Leaf Seat
Play Benches
Play Counter with Toadstool Seats
Hangout Corner
Play-O Counter with Seats
Stepping Block
Stepping Saucers
Curved Balance Beam
placeholder image
Crazy 8
Swirl Fence
Amoeba Fence
Alphabet / Number Maze
Solar System
Map of Canada
I Spy / Rhyme Time
Butterfly Maze
Farmer's Market
Sign Language
House Entry
Cave Crawl-Through
Play-O Monster Maker
Play-O Counter
Woodland Cafe
Scavenger Hunt
Snack Shack
Monster Maker
Wildlife Memory Game
U-Play Accessible Rings
Chinning/Turning Bar
Whirl & Twirl
Loop Around
Glide Ride
Circular Ladder
Advanced Horizontal Ladder
Ring Ladder - Squiggly
Advanced Orbiter
Curvy Super Hooper
Flower Power
Criss-Cross Ring Ladder
U-Play Tangent
U-Play Ogopogo
U-Play Chinning Bar
U-Play Ring Ladder
Twisted Tube Slide
Vine Climb
Turtle Climb
Sunflower Climb
Squirrel Topper
Rootz Ridge Roof
Rootz Hex Hip Roof
placeholder image
Rootz Enclosed Stair
Rootz Wave Bridge
Rootz Valley Bridge with Evergreen
Rootz Hip Roof
Rootz Double Climb
Owl Topper
Log Climb
Leaf Climb
Fence with Moose Silhouette
Daisy Path
placeholder image
Canyon Crossing
Bug Climb
Wobble Walk
Wiggle Link
Web Link
Trapeze Bridge
Saucer Stones
Safari Scramble
Pirate's Plank
Piggyback Bridge
Pebble Link
Mid-Entry Catwalk
Jungle Crossing
Gang Plank
Froggy Bridge
Elbow Bridge
Deck To Deck Crawl Tube
Deck To Deck Aluminum Crawl Tube
Deck To Deck 90 Deg Crawl Tube
Cliff Hanger
Atomizer Link
Arch Bridge
90 Degree Trapeze Bridge
Funky Stair
Foothill Climb
Fireman's Pole
Dino Climb
Curved Chain Wall
Cube Climb
Climb A Wall
Cliff Climb
Channel Climb
Chain Wall
Cargo Net
Building Blocks
Bubble Wall
Bowtie Climb
Arched in Climb
Amoeba Climb
Glide Ride - 90 Degree
A-Mazing Challenge
Shapes Ladder